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Looking for a Job

Looking for a job in London can seem daunting. We have compiled some useful information together to help you navigate your way.

First you will need to have an up-to-date CV (curriculum vitae) and know how to write a covering letter.

Do a google search and it will come up with many templates for CVs and covering letters, here are a few useful links:


Covering letter:

You can also search and apply for some jobs through your Linkedin profile

Looking for a job

Job search sites covering a wide range of sectors:

If you are from overseas, the Chamber of Commerce of your country of origin may also advertise jobs

A few examples of specific job search sites:

Hospitality: Caterer

Travel: Travel Weekly

Marketing: Marketing Week

Charity: Charity Job

Freelance: PeoplePerHour

Healthcare: Health Jobs UK

Fashion: Fashion Jobs, Fashion United

Education: tes

Or try large employers such as:



Leisure & Entertainment

Food & Drink



Recruitment Agencies

There are many recruitment agencies, some specialise in particular job sectors and some cover a wide range. They can help you find temporary or permanent work.

Useful links:


An internship is a way to gain valuable work experience (and possibly the opportunity of employment at the end). However, many internships don’t pay or pay very little money, so this is only possible if you have some money saved or financial assistance. Internships vary in duration, normally between 3 and 12 months. They are advertised on regular job sites such as Indeed, Charity Job or through agencies such as Inspiring Interns.


Gain valuable work experience, skills and qualifications whilst getting paid. For those aged 16 and over. Apprenticeships vary in duration, normally between 1 and 4 years. Click here for further information.


  • Take your CV round to restaurants, cafes, hotels – they don’t always advertise vacancies
  • Contact companies you are particularly interested in and ask if they have any vacancies


Want to get some experience, meet new people or help a worthy cause? Go to our volunteering page.

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