Key tips & information
for living in and visiting Rwanda

Official Languages

English, French, Kinyarwanda, Swahili


  • Rwandan franc (RWF) $US widely accepted – see more.
  • Currency available prior to entering the country? No.
    Remember to exchange any Rwandan francs before leaving Rwanda.
  • Exchange rate


There are two rainy seasons in a year, from mid-February to May and mid-September to mid-December. See more.
Click here to see the weather forecast for Rwanda.

Time Zone

GMT +2

Rwanda Calling Code



Health & Safety

Rwanda Facts

  • Capital City: Kigali
  • National Animal: Leopard
  • National Flower: Red/Japanese Rose

Living In Rwanda


Tourist Information

Visit Rwanda & TripAdvisor Rwanda

Tourist Visa

You can obtain a 30 day tourist visa or an East Africa Tourist Visa which includes Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda. Click here and here for details.

“Amazing country”

Jo from London
  • Kigali UP: Music festival. Takes place every year usually during the northern summer months
  • Kwita Izina: Annual gorilla-naming ceremony which takes place in Kinigi in September
  • Hobe Rwanda Festival: Two day festival in Kigali, which usually takes place in September, celebrating Rwandan culture.
  • Rwanda Cultural Fashion Week: Takes place every September.
  • Rwanda Film Festival: Takes place in October in Kigali

See website for details

To see the gorillas:

  • Go through an agency based in Rwanda
  • Book direct
  • Go on a group tour incorporating many other attractions, activities and possibly countries

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