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Capital City: Muscat

Official languages: Arabic

Currency: Rial (OMR)

Calling code:

Time zone: GST (UTC +4)

Climate: Oman generally has one of the hottest climates in the world with very little rain except in the Jebel Akhdar mountain range in the north and Dhofar hills in the south. The modest rainfall in Muscat mostly falls in January. Click here to see the weather forecast for Oman.


Health & Safety:

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  • Animal: Arabian oryx

Useful facts:

  • Drive on the right
  • Alcohol is served in many hotels and a few restaurants
  • Dress respectfully



Muscat International Airport

Wadi, Oman

Wadi, Oman


Useful Websites: Visit Oman

Visas: British nationals can purchase their one-month tourist visa on arrival. This can be extended by 30 days. Click here for further information.

Where to stay:

Special events in Oman:

Oman Bucket list:

  • Stay overnight in a desert camp on the dunes of Wahiba Sands
  • Swim in a Wadi
  • Go shopping in the souks of Muscat
  • Visit Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat
  • Drive along the awesome Wadi Ghul, Oman’s version of the Grand Canyon
Grand Mosque, Muscat

Grand Mosque, Muscat

Desert Camp Wahiba Sands Oman

Desert Camp in Wahiba Sands

National Parks and Protected Areas of Oman


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