Information Pack

If you are moving to London from overseas, you probably have a lot of questions!
  • How do I find somewhere to live in London?
  • How do I look for a job in London?
  • How do I travel around London?
  • How do I find a doctor in London?

Buddy London is pleased to announce it has launched the BuddyLondon Information Pack 🙂

BuddyLondon Information PackAvailable Now! Only £10

The BuddyLondon Information Pack is designed to help you start your exciting new life in London, equipped with information and links to make things easier for you and saves you hours of searching for relevant websites and documents.
It is ideal for adults without children who are considering renting accommodation.

It includes:

  • Accommodation: How to look for somewhere to live and what to think about
  • Work: Where to look for jobs and understanding your pay
  • Studying: Where to look for courses
  • Finance: Setting up a bank account
  • Healthcare: Understanding the healthcare system and where to go for help
  • Travel in London: How to travel around London
  • Leisure: Suggestions on how to spend your leisure time in London
  • Shopping: Understanding supermarkets, shopping on a budget
  • Useful tips

At only £10, the BuddyLondon Information Pack is a must for anyone thinking of moving to London 🙂


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